Nutrient Flow

Grofix promotes blood circulation to scalp and hair follicles, increases nutrients that allows hair to become healthy and strong.

Hair Follicles

Grofix addresses the problem at the scalp where hair follicles have become weaken, damaged and/or inactive. Alopecia, thinning, balding and receding hairlines can be treated with our quality product

Stronger Fuller Hair

Grofix helps hair to become fuller and aids in reducing the appearance of thinning, weak, dry and brittle hair while encouraging hair growth

What’s In Grofix

Powerful herbal proprietary blend. There are many hair growth products available and most seem to promise miracles. We won’t promise miracles. However, Grofix will promise to put what we say is in our products. We strongly believe that our product works! There are 26 essential hair growth ingredients packed into our product (organic butters, vitamins, dried herbs, potent essential oils, fatty acids) each are synergistic to help stop shedding and to promote growth and strong healthy hair. Note: Fresh Rosemary leaves/sprigs are in each bottle! Rosemary increases blood circulation, helps relieve dry or itchy scalp and dandruff. Rosemary has been known to help the hair appear richer in color, and/or may reduce premature gray. There are no harmful chemicals. No silicones or other follicle clogging ingredients. No animal cruelty testing.

Best Results

Always combine the product with regular scalp massages for optimal results. Apply 5-10 drops, a little goes a long way. Practicing proper nutrition, hydration and regular exercise aids overall health. The process of addressing hair loss (can be frustrating) takes patience and discipline to achieve optimal results. Applying the product day and night is ideal. For all hair types. Can be applied to damp or dry hair. Allow 30 to 90 days to begin seeing results – Please be patient! Please be consistent!

Disclaimer: Product for topical use only. Do not use this product if you are allergic to herbs, essential oils, coconuts, herbal/organic butters. If you are a woman who plans to become pregnant, are pregnant and/or nursing, seek medical advice before sharing/using this product. Grofix strongly recommends that customers do a 24hr skin patch test to check for allergic reactions. Do not use this product if the scalp or skin becomes irritated. Seek medical attention should a skin rash or other issues arise.

How to store Grofix

Store Grofix in cool room temperature. Store out of direct sun light. Container lid must be tightly secured. Certain items in Grofix are organic oils subject to hardening in cold temperatures. This is normal and the product will return to liquid form once it has warmed to room temperature.